There is a small Japan for you to relax in Binh Duong Province

Japanese Restaurant &Hotel Phạm Vân SAKURA


53/1A Dai Lo Binh Duong, Phuong Thuan Giao, Thi xa Thuan An, Binh Duong.

0274 - 377 - 7111
0274 - 377 - 7222
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0166 - 663 - 3168  /  097 - 266 - 8314


Comfortable Japanese style environment that is appropriate for long-term stays

Welcome to Japanese restaurant and hotel - Pham Van Sakura. We are very pleasure to bring the comfortable and convenient accommodation for customers working in Binh Duong. In front of the hotel, there is a garden decorated in Japanese style with bamboo lines leading customers to reception area. We prepare silent, clean and fully - furnished rooms behind the garden. Behind the grand floor, there is Japanese style large hot tub, Sauna and cold water bath. Outside of bath, there is relaxation area installed with TATAMI that will eliminate your fatigue and stress after hard working day. If you have any request, please contact our staffs who are responsible for Japanese customers.

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The Sushi menu cooked by experienced chefs. Typical Japanese restaurant menu which make you never boring eventhou eat every day.

We hope you enjoy the menu with Japanese taste made out from fresh materials. You can enjoy party in available rooms with the capacity of 40-60 guests. Our menu with truly Japanese taste will bring the highest satisfaction to you. Beside that, we serve 20 kinds of 'BENTO' which are Japanese style lunch box, and all with same price 90,000 vnd.

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  • 05/26/2018

    Collagen hotpot

    Good for woman skin & woman beauty

  • Clam rice bowl

  • 05/26/2018

    Clam noodle